IBS is a friendly and caring school which is constantly seeking higher academic standards for its pupils. Our pupils enjoy the curriculum, the extra- curricular activities programme, the large swimming pool and the good sports facilities. Our school fees are very competitive considering the opportunities we offer.

We support the values and beliefs of Islam but we also have a truly international community within the school and we strive to support the less able and challenge the most able pupil. We want every individual to reach his or her full potential. At IBS your child can gain British qualifications which are recognized internationally and can be a passport to a place at a good university.

Our curriculum is based on the UK National Curriculum but has been adapted to fit the needs of the Middle East in the 21st century.

Please come and see our school for yourself and we can discuss what the school has to offer your family.


Vision and Mission


Our Mission

It is our mission at IBS to provide your child with top quality facilities, a stimulating learning environment and a rich and varied educational program. We will ensure that the children have an enjoyable experience and are well behaved to support the learning of others. We will recruit well qualified teachers with appropriate experience and we will ensure that they are well prepared to deliver a broad and stimulating curriculum. We will provide care and support for your child, every day, in every way.
Our Vision

Our vision at IBS is that all pupils, whatever their ability, background or race will reach their full academic potential. Each individual will learn to be polite and show respect to others, learn to work in a team and collaborate with others and develop a strong set of values. All children will learn to take responsibility for their own learning and set themselves development goals. All children will develop their confidence and thrive in a culture of high expectations. We will help develop good citizens and potential leaders for the future.


Latest News

We are currently Looking to recruit the followig Possitions:

Pimary home room teacher


Business studies


Physics and Chemistry


Contact Info

IBS welcome all inquiries and we can be contacted using any of the following contact details:

General inquiries:
Tel: (+965) 23922430 , 23922431
Fax:(+965) 23910064

Tel: (+965) 23910042
Email:[email protected]

Block 9 , Ibn Taimiya street , Fahahel ,Kuwait P.O Box 47401, 64004